Bryan Dobbs, Director of Marketing at Sarga Inc. has received multiple complaints about Davy Siegler over the


Bryan Dobbs, Director of Marketing at Sarga Inc. has received multiple complaints about Davy Siegler over the past two months. Apparently, he spends his day surfing the net, passes all his own work on to subordinates, and disrupts those around him by dragging them over to view various videos, jokes, and timewaster findings online. Dobbs sets up a meeting with the intention of discovering what issues are causing Siegler's clear lack of motivation and poor production. During the meeting, Siegler is passive-aggressive and displays motivation and resentment issues. He recently received an “above average”performance appraisal but no pay increase. 


  • Bryan Dobbs, Director of Marketing, Sarga Inc.
  • Davy Siegler, Product Group Manager, Sarga Inc.


SargaInc. is a pharmaceutical company based in Boston, MA. Sieglermanages the vaccinations product group. He has been with the company seven years, working his way from sales to management. During his first year as product group manager (3rd year with the company), he increased the amount of hospital and pediatrician 'adoptions' by 40%, a level of success higher than all other product groups except the pulmonary group. The adoptions/sales fell the last two years and are holding steady; the drop is partly attributed to new entries into the market. Sieglersupervises a team of 15, all relatively self-sufficient and competent salespeople. SargaInc. as a whole is backsliding, with negative growth for the past year. HR dictated no salary increases, except for extraordinary performance.

Siegler’scubicle/office is between the pulmonary product group manager, which is the only group currently excelling and the oncology product group manager, a group suffering even moreso than Siegler’s group.

Dobbs suspected that something else was going on with Siegler beyond increased internet usage. What was the real problem that Siegler confessed to during his meeting with Dobbs?

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