A political consulting firm wants to determine the characteristics of

A political consulting firm wants to determine the characteristics of voters when it comes to issues involving alternative energy. The researchers recruit a group of participants and randomly assign them to one of three groups: Group 1 will be the control group, and they will not be exposed to any advertising materials; Group 2 will be shown a print advertisement that will be used in a postal mailing; and Group 3 will be shown a video advertisement that will be aired on television. Finally, each participant will indicate his or her voting intentions for Proposition 86, which involves tax deductions for hybrid cars on a 1 to 7 scale (1 = Will definitely vote no . . . 7 = will definitely vote yes).
Data set: Ch 05 – Exercise 07B.sav
Variable: Group
Definition: Advertising media
Type: Categorical (1 = Control, 2 = Print, 3 = Video)
Variable: Prop_86

Definition: Likely voting decision on tax deductions for hybrid cars
Type: Continuous (1 = Will definitely vote no . . . 7 = Will definitely vote yes)
a. Write the hypotheses.
b. Run each criterion of the pretest checklist (normality, homogeneity of variance, and n) and discuss your findings.
c. Run the ANOVA test and document your findings (ns, means, and Sig. [p value], hypotheses resolution).
d. Write an abstract under 200 words detailing a summary of the study, the ANOVA test results, hypothesis resolution, and implications of your findings.


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