For three years you have worked in a small retail store selling gifts and party goods in


For three years you have worked in a small retail store selling gifts and party goods in a college town. This year the owner appointed you as manager and you've run into a perplexing situation. Of the store's eight employees, the only full-timer is a single mother who struggles financially to make ends meet. She lives in public housing, receives food stamps, and overall finds it almost impossible to survive on the minimum wage all employees receive. She just came to you and said that the national debate on raising the minimum wage prompted her to (finally) ask for an increase at least up to the level of the minimum wage ( \(\$ 15\) per hour) being advocated by fast-food workers who are threatening strikes. Her point is not just that the wage she receives isn't a "livable" wage, but that "it's also about respect." You have listened to her story and find her case troubling. But you've also got seven part-timers to consider, as well as the owner's needs. At this point you arrange for a meeting with the owner to discuss what you call "wage and motivation issues" at the store. You want to have some concrete ideas ready to drive your discussion with the owner.

How will you frame your assessment of the situation for the store owner? What alternative courses of action can you suggest? What alternative do you prefer in this situation, and why? How does the preferred alternative handle wage and motivation issues for . . the full-timer? the part-timers? yourself?

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ISBN: 9781119497653

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Authors: Daniel G. Bachrach, John R. Schermerhorn

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