Draft an email response to respond to these three client

Draft an email response to respond to these three client questions. If you have follow-up questions that will help you in your search for an answer, be sure you note those. Also, if you have a link to guidance, please include that in your response. You may use any client name you wish. Points: 10 Question 1 (3 points) Dear Student, I recently started doing freelance writing and was advised that hiring a CPA was the best way to go about handling the self-employed taxes. Can you provide some information on what I need to know? Sincerely, Client Question 2 (4 points) Dear Student, I am sorry to bother you, but I have a quick tax question that you may be able to answer. My wife and I owed about $2200 to the federal government for the 2019 tax year. I wanted to complete a W- 4 Employee’s Withholding Certificate to adjust the amount withheld from my income to make this balance a bit better in the future. Question: Can I simply take $2200 and divide it by 12 and put that down on line 4 c) for extra withholding. (Note: I realize that we are about a fourth of the way through the year so it won’t be perfect in 2020.) I used the form’s directions, but I came up with $703, but that seems like the total amount that I would need withheld, not extra withholdings. Sincerely, Client Question 3 (3 points) Dear Student, My wife recently started making and selling cookies as a hobby but it has quickly grown to over $5,000 in revenue (and growing). I'm wondering what steps we need to take to prepare for taxes. Do we need to create a dba? Or similar to my referee income, do we only need to pay taxes? We obviously want to do whatever is best financially. Please let me know if this is something you can help with / advise on. Sincerely, Client Answer