Gilbert and Tara Washington Directions Using the tax

Gilbert and Tara Washington Directions Using the tax software, complete the tax return, including Form 1040 and all appropriate forms, schedules, or worksheets. Answer the questions following the scenario. Note: When entering Social Security numbers (SSNs) or Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), replace the Xs as directed, or with any four digits of your choice. 

Interview Notes 

• Gilbert is an elementary school teacher at a public school. Gilbert and Tara are married and choose to file Married Filing Jointly on their 2021 tax return. • Gilbert worked a total of 1,280 hours in 2021. During the school year, he spent $500 on unreimbursed classroom expenses. 

• Tara retired in 2018 and began receiving her pension on October 1st of that year. She explains that this is a joint and survivor annuity. She has already recovered $1,013 of the cost of the plan. • Gilbert settled with his credit card company on an outstanding bill and brought the Form 1099-C to the site. They aren’t sure how it will impact their tax return for tax year 2021. The Washingtons determined that they were solvent as of the date of the canceled debt. 

• Tara won $3,000 gambling at a casino and had additional lottery winnings of $150. Tara has documented casino losses of $1,500. 

• Their son, Chandler, is in his second year of college pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Logistics at a qualified educational institution. He received a scholarship and the terms require that it be used to pay tuition. Box 2 was not filled in and Box 7 was not checked on his Form 1098-T for the previous tax year. The Washingtons provided Form 1098-T and an account statement from the college that included additional expenses. The Washingtons paid $450 for books required for Chandler’s courses. This information is also included on the College statement of account. 

• Chandler does not have a felony drug conviction.

 • The Washington’s received the third Economic Impact Payment (EIP3) in the amount of $4,200 in 2021. 

• They are all U.S. citizens with valid Social Security numbers

15. What is the taxable portion of Tara’s pension from Oak Enterprises using the simplified method? a. $0 b. $17,862 c. $18,035 d. $18,485 

16. None of Tara’s social security income is taxable. a. True b. False 

17. What is the total amount of other income reported on Washington’s Form 1040, Schedule 1 ? a. $3,900 b. $3,150 c. $2,400 d. $750 

18. Gilbert is eligible to deduct $500 as an adjustment to income on Form 1040, Schedule 1 for qualified educator expenses. a. True b. False 

19. The Washington’s standard deduction on their 2021 tax return is $________. 

20. The total qualified expenses for the American Opportunity Credit are $ _________. 

21. Which of the following credits are the Washingtons eligible to claim on their tax return? a. Child tax credit b. Credit for other dependents c. Child and dependent care credit d. None of the above 

22. What is Washington’s total federal income tax withholding? $_______