Shady Elm Community Shopping Center, a community center

Shady Elm Community Shopping Center, a community center with 245,000 square feet of rentable space. It includes one 70,000 square foot grocery store and one 40,000 square foot home décor/furnishings store as anchor tenants and 30 other in-line or shop tenants. It includes an interior, covered, and air conditioned mallway which provides 80,000 square feet of common are access for the entire center. Base rents are expected to average RM16.73 per square foot; however, six tenants in the center have executed percentage rent leases. It is expected that these leases will produce overage rents of RM308,700 during the base year. Common Area Maintenance (CAM) expenses recoverable from tenants for maintenance of the 80,000 feet of mallway and other common area (parking lots, etc.) are expected to be RM1,139,250 or about RM4.65 per rentable foot. After considering rents, overage rents, other income, and CAM recoveries less vacancies, Shady Elm is expected to produce effective gross income of RM5,375,300 during the base year. Total operating expenses to be paid by the owner are expected to be RM1,875,700. Other items expected to be paid by the landlord include an allowance for tenant and capital improvements amounting to RM315,000.

Develop a Pro-Forma statement for a base year showing the NOI.


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