A generator, with V g = 100 V(rms) and Z g = 1 + j, feeds a


A generator, with Vg = 100 V(rms) and Zg = 1 + j, feeds a load Z1 = 2 (Fig. 10-12).

(a) Find the average power PZ1 (absorbed by Z1), the power Pg (dissipated in Zg) and PT (the power provided by the generator).

(b) Compute the value of a second load Z2 such that, when placed in parallel with Z1, the equivalent impedance is Z = Z1||Z2 = Z*g.

(c) Connect in parallel Z2 found in (b) with Z1 and then find the powers PZ, PZ1, PZ2 (absorbed by Z, Z1, and Z2, respectively),
Pg (power dissipated in Zg), and PT (power provided by the generator).8. Zg Z

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