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Djordje Surdanovic
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Masters (MS), Master Of Science
University of Belgrade, 2021
Beograd, Serbia
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Who am I?

Chemistry seems like a boring, difficult, and arduous science, like other natural sciences. However, what if I told you that each of us has actually been a scientist since we were little? You must have wondered why the sun exists, why the water is liquid, the grass is green and the sky is blue? So did I, but never got the right answer explained in a suitable and interesting way. Therefore, I asked myself why couldn't I become an educator and try to improve and modify the long-existing school method. Just as my teen years began I took interest in guitar playing and was always fascinated by the ...   

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What interests me?

Creating music, playing guitar, chess, acting, football

Masters (MS), Master Of Science
University of Belgrade
2021 - Continued
Bachelors, Bachelor With Honors In Chemistry
University of Belgrade
2015 - 2021
Content Contributor
Writing textbook solutions from university and college books. Detailed step-by-step development and organization of each answer, in such a style that keeps the client interested until the final solution.
2021 - 2022 (1 year)
Writer And Contributor
Livingston Research
Online tutoring, writing, and solving university and college-level chemistry problems. Offered detailed written and verbal explanations.
2020 - Present (2 years)