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Ervin Dervishaj
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Bachelors, Computer Engineering
Milan, Italy
Computer Science's Tutor
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Who am I?

I have been tutoring for a long time. I previously tutored on another website and during my time there I got around 350 positive reviews on subjects like Data Structures, Data Science, Programming languages and Databases. I am very detailed in my answers and like to provide helpful comments especially if providing sample codes that explain the problem at hand more in depth.

What interests me?

I am a masters student interested in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Bachelors, Computer Engineering
Epoka University
2010 - 2014
Software Engineer
Currently working on projects related to machine learning, recommender systems and search through elasticsearch.
2019 - Present (1 year)
Jr. AI Researcher, Intern
QGS Technologies
• Used machine learning for NLP and financial time series to make predictions. • Optimized Artificial Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms.
2017 - 2017 (Less than a year)
Data Analyst
Vodafone Albania
• Cleaned, transformed, validated and modeled big data with the purpose of deducting new insights. • Created new marketing campaigns (reaching more than a million customers), tested them prior to launch and monitored their progress. • Created reports on the overall campaign response rate; how successful the campaign was; campaign penetration, etc.
2015 - 2016 (1 year)
Junior Analyst
Vodafone Albania
Cleaning, transforming, validating and modeling data with the purpose of better understanding and making conclusions and further support decision making.
2014 - 2015 (1 year)