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Hemang Chawla

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Masters (MS), Mechanical Engineering
Delft University of Technology, 2017
Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Who am I?

As a STEM tutor, I have been tutoring students across the globe for a few years now and am highly experienced with mentoring students and guiding them through assignments and courses. As an online tutor on Chegg, I had a 100% positive review from over a 100 students. I taught courses ranging from data science and statistics, and even astronomy and physics. Earlier, I was involved in teaching underprivileged kids during undergraduate studies as well as in mentoring and raising scholarships for meritorious students studying at small schools. This ignited the interests of the tutor in me. I was ...   

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What interests me?

I like to play the piano, go ice skating in the winter, cycle along the dutch canals in my free time

Masters (MS), Mechanical Engineering
Delft University of Technology
2015 - 2017
Computer Vision Engineer
Navinfo Europe
I work on solving computer vision problems for autonomous driving.
2018 - Present (5 years)