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Muhammad Raffay Khanzada
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Bachelors (BS), Business Administration
Iqra University, Continued
Karachi, Pakistan
Writing and Foreign Languages's Tutor
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Who am I?

Hi! I am Raffay. I am twenty years old. I did my matriculation with a major in science. Then I completed my college studies major in engineering. Now I am studying business studies at Iqra University. I also have a diploma in English grammar. I worked as a tutor also. I love teaching literature and history. I helped many students who were stuck with their assignments.

What interests me?

I am twenty years old. I am a sportsperson. I love to play cricket. It makes me feel happy and fit.

Bachelors (BS), Business Administration
Iqra University
2019 - Continued
Course Hero
I was a tutor at course hero. I helped many students with their studies.
2020 - 2020 (Less than a year)