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Masters, Education
12 Reviews

I am a mentor by profession since seven years. I have been teaching on online forums and in universities. Teaching is my passion therefore i...

Bachelors, Food Science And Technology
233 Reviews

I am an experienced and highly motivated writer with a passion for the skills listed. I have a proven track record of my expertise and my aim is...

Masters (MA), History
2 Reviews

I have a teaching experience of more than 4 years by now in diverse subjects like History,Geography,Political Science,Sociology,Business...

MBA, Marketing
No Reviews

Done MBA in 2013 with Marketing, having tremendous knowledge of Marketing and also about Economics. Worked as Subject Expert On Solutioninn,...

Bachelors (BS), Technology
No Reviews

I have 5 year of teaching experience and for last 2 years I am working is tutor I completed my BTech degree in 2016 and after that I choose...

High School Diploma, HIGHER SECONDARY
No Reviews

Strong interpersonal skills to help them achieve succeed. succeeded in helping students raise their grades and made them love and enjoy what...

MBA, Business Administration
No Reviews

Previous experience, I did work in intelenet global service as a assistance manager . i have a 6 year experience in this company I left this...

Bachelors, Technology
No Reviews

I try to give my students very simple solutions to every complex questions and in doing so I was successful as my students told me that.It was...

Masters, Science
No Reviews

Hi , my name is Vinod Kumar . I want to teach All Subjects for class 6th to 10th and Biology for class 11th to 12th and I'm also interested to...

Masters , ENGLISH
No Reviews

Passionate about working with children and molding the future of tomorrow, or passionate about a specific subject that they feel in love with...

Bachelors, Engineering
No Reviews

Hello, My name is Prakhara Gaikwad. I have done my engineering in Electronics and telecommunication. i am student i like to teach students. i...

Masters (MA), History
No Reviews

I completed my Masters in History, at California State University, Fullerton, in May 2016. I was a graduate assistant for the history department...

Masters (MA), MATHS
No Reviews

I am MA ( Maths),B.ed & having 9 years of teaching experience as teacher/ Tutor

MS, Accounting
12 Reviews

As a tutor, my focus is to help communicate and break down difficult concepts in a way that allows students greater accessibility and...

Bachelors, Chemistry
No Reviews

As a tutor,, i was also engaged with chegg. I have habit of giving full description of answers.

Bachelors (BS), Statistics
No Reviews

I had been teaching mathematics in private institute. I conducted seminars in many private institute related to data analysis and statistics.

Bachelors (BA), Arts
No Reviews

I like to make learning fun and help students get their projects done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

BS, Computer Science
23 Reviews

I am a computer scientist specializing in database management, OS, networking, and software development. I have a knack for database work,...

Bachelors (BS), Physics
No Reviews

Good Morning everyone . My name is Gourav Kumar Ghosh and I am pursuing Physics honours(bachelor degree) with chemistry as subsidiary, I am...

I am an enthusiastic writer with a clean, crisp style. As a stay at home dad to my two daughters, I have a flexible schedule and am able to...

Masters, Chemistry
No Reviews

Having taught in special education in two local schools for many years meant that I had contact with a lot of parents of special needs students....

Masters (MA), Education History
No Reviews

I have been working as Subject matter expert for several years which help me to build confidence while answering the questions which can live up...

No Reviews

I did my bachelor's degree in botany and doing masters in environmental science currently. I have participated in energy conversions held at...

Masters, Biology
No Reviews

I'm blessed with good teaching art and well efficiency to prepare notes and write answers in marks scoring format.. Can help to prepare for...

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