Bachelors, Bsc Food Science And...
87 Jobs

I am an experienced tutor with more than 7 years of experience. I have helped thousands of students pursue their academic goals. My primary...

Bachelors (BS), Electrical Engineering
24 Jobs

During the course of my study, I have worked as a private tutor. I have taught Maths and Physics to O'Level and A'Level students, as well as I...

Bachelors, Engineering
307 Jobs

I am an extremely self-motivated person who firmly believes in his abilities. With high sensitivity to task and operating parameters, deadlines...

M.Sc., Computer Sciences
577 Jobs

I am a professional freelance writer with more than 7 years’ experience in academic writing. I have a Bachelor`s Degree in Commerce and...

Bachelors, Business Administration
750 Jobs

Hi, am Lilian Nyambura, With extensive experience in the writing industry, I am the best fit for your writing projects. I am currently pursuing...

Bachelors (BA), B.I.C.T,ARTS
291 Jobs

Hey, there, paying attention to detail is one of my strong points, i do my very best combined with passion. i enjoy researching since the net is...

Masters (MS), Information Management
214 Jobs

I hold M.Sc and M.Phil degrees in mathematics from CCS University, India and also have a MS degree in information management from Asian...

Masters, Master Inn Computer Managment
5 Jobs

I am a B.E (Information technology) from GECA and also have an M.C.M from The University of RTMNU, MH. I worked as a software developer...

Bachelors, Computer Science
2 Jobs

I have been a tutor for over 3 years and have had the opportunity to work with students of all ages and backgrounds. I have a strong belief that...

Masters (MS), Administration Of Justice...
2 Jobs

I am a competent Software Engineer with sufficient experience in web applications development using the following programming languages:-...

Masters, MBA(Management Information...
1 Jobs

In my extensive history of working on students’ assignments, I have learned one thing: Each assignment must be custom-made and should stand on...

Bachelors (BA), Art
7 Jobs

First of all i done of my BA in 2007 and in 2006 I done a certificate of ICA (Industrial Computer of Accountant) Then i starting teaching in...

Masters (MS), Information Technology
No job done

I have been a tutor for the past 5 years. I have experience working with students in a variety of subject areas, including computer science,...

Bachelors (BS), Applied Statistics With...
No job done

I am a statistician by profession. I have more than two years of experience as a data analyst. I am proficient in the following software; SPSS,...

Masters (MA), Secondary Education
No job done

As a tutor, I have a strong hands-on experience in providing individualized instruction and support to students of all ages and ability levels....

Bachelors, Applied Computer Science
No job done

I a web and systems developer with a vast array of knowledge in many different front end and back end languages, responsive frameworks,...

Bachelors (BS), Computer Science
No job done

I have been a computer science tutor for over four years now, and I have extensive experience in teaching students of all ages and levels of...

Bachelors, BSC
1 Jobs

I am serving as a Computer Science lecturer at different Colleges for more then 5 years. I delivered lectures to different Class Like:- 1:-...

Bachelors (BS), Technology
1 Jobs

Subjects in which i am expert: Computer Science :All subjects (Eg. Networking,Database ,Operating System,Information Security,) Programming :...

Masters (MS), Elementary Education
No job done

I have been tutoring for over five years, and I have experience with students of all ages and levels. I have a degree in Education and I am...

Bachelors, BBIT
No job done

I have worked with other sites like Course Hero as a tutor and I have great knowledge on IT skills.

Bachelors, Bsc Computer Science
No job done

A vast experienced and detail-oriented IT professional with a broad band of expertise in network administration, and system administration. I...

Associate, Analytical Chemistry
1 Jobs

I am a chemist by profession, i coach high school students with their homework, i also do more research during my free time, i attend...

Bachelors, Bachelor Of Technology
No job done

I have helped many students in their home work related to computer science and programming. Through Chegg(A freelancing app where Q&A's are...

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Finding Your Computer Science Tutor Now

Why you need a computer science tutor?

Computer science is an amazingly in-demand field of study open to almost anyone. Unfortunately, many computer science students encounter a steep learning curve early on and feel discouraged. But just try comparing learning to code with learning another language, both are the most difficult at the beginning and only get easier with practice as your vocabulary and understanding expands. You wouldn’t try to learn Spanish, Mandarin, or Turkish without ever speaking to someone who knew it, would you? Having a computer science tutor is like having someone who already knows the language sit down with you and fill in the blanks, it really makes the difference.  Getting help from a computer science tutor online with a fresh pair of eyes can save you a ton of time and stress. A computer science tutor can identify problems like tiny syntax errors or common flaws in logic quickly because they encounter these types of mistakes all the time, especially when working with students. So, don’t spend all night scouring over your code for that elusive bug in your program, get computer science help and have someone work with you to figure out your problem and teach you how to avoid it in the future.

Which types of programming our tutors cover

SolutionInn has computer science tutoring for many introductory languages as well as all the core computer science concepts. Common programming languages such as C++, Java, SQL, even Visual Basic are all found on our platform. Web design languages such as HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript are also offered by SolutionInn tutors. Help for web design programming languages is found by searching under programming for the world wide web, web development, and the build a website tutoring subjects. Computer science help for networking, computer architecture, and database management is also offered by our platform. For help with databases, there are database concepts, database processing fundamentals, and essential database management subjects. For help with networks, there are subjects on computer networking and business data networks along with principles of incident response for network security. As for the areas of computer design and architecture, there are systems architecture, computer organization design, signal systems, and of course computer architecture subjects. Lastly, there is an introduction to algorithms and fundamentals of digital logic for introductory classes in underlying computer science concepts or algorithms for data structures for more advanced help with algorithms.

Before choosing a computer science tutor

Before selecting your tutor to make sure you know what type of help you need and verify that the tutor has experience working with students in that language or subject. A great way to check if the tutor you are interested in working with has experience with a subject is to look under the listed skills on their profile page.  In the skills sections, you will see all the subjects the tutor has selected to teach in. After looking at the tutor’s skills also check their degree and work experience to see if they have any expertise that is not listed under their skills. For instance, if a computer science tutor has a doctorate in machine learning but hasn’t listed introduction to algorithms as one of their skills, chances are they can still help with your questions. That said, the rate for a computer science tutor with a doctorate may be substantially higher than that of a recent graduate with a bachelor. Either way, the rate for a computer science tutor online should always be cheaper than if you were to seek out in-person tutoring. Computer science tutors near you might charge rates of $35-70/hr because their skill set is in demand and limited to where they can drive. But, using our online platform you can get computer science help from all over the world in the comfort of your own home. Since there are more tutors available and less travel to worry about the rates at SolutionInn are always going to be lower. In fact, by using the “allow other relevant tutors to answer my question” option you can leave your question open to every qualified tutor on the SolutionInn platform. This allows each tutor to view your questions and quote you their own hourly rate for computer science tutoring, ensuring that you will always get the best possible price. If you are not sure about working with a tutor or don’t know which one to reach out to try reading the “who am I?” descriptions on each tutor’s page. These introductions provide a brief summary from the tutor about their background, why they started teaching, and what subjects interest them. If you still can’t seem to find a tutor you are sure about try hitting “Ask a Question” at the top to post your question to every available tutor and see who responds!

How to hire a computer science tutor with our platform

With SolutionInn’s tutoring platform you can view every computer science tutor online from all over the world. Simply choose a tutor from the list by clicking on their name or profile picture to visit their personal page. On the tutor’s page you can see their educational background, work experience, list of subjects, along with a brief description of who they are and why they started tutoring. If you think this tutor would be a good match for you then click on the green contact button on the righthand side of their profile page and write them a brief introduction. Make sure to set the subject of your introduction message to computer science, or whichever specific programming language you need help with, and write a brief description of the sort of questions you have, attaching examples if you have them. Once you are done with your message hit post question and wait to hear back! If you are in a rush make sure to keep the “allow other relevant tutors to answer my question” box checked, this way if another computer science tutor can help you with your question first, they will be able to see your question and reach out.