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1 month ago
Masters (MA), Social Work
Work is my passion
1 month ago
Bachelors, Commerce
Work is my passion
9 months ago
Masters, M.SC Statistics
Hy.. I am Ayesha from Pakistan. I am a professional teacher as well as a tutor. My Basic rule of teaching is that just be a friend of students...
1 year ago
Bachelors (BA), Arts
I like to make learning fun and help students get their projects done as efficiently and quickly as possible.
5 months ago
Masters (MA), Economics
Myself Justin Sunny successfully completed masters in economics with first rank from Central University of Punjab, India. My area of interest is...
8 months ago
Masters, Manufacturing Engineering
From 2013 to now i continuing my Lecturing experience in various fields of mechanical engineering in Private Engineering college under the...
1 year ago
I am a B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) from BIT Mesra India and also have a PMP certification from PMI for Project...
2 months ago
High School Diploma, Law
I am a fluent speaker of English, since i have had an opportunity of working in a few commonwealth countries. Am a calm person and i work well...
8 months ago
Bachelors, Aeronautics
I tutored mostly elementary school students privately after school and during the summer. We met in their homes or at the public library. I...
3 months ago
Bachelors (BS), Computer Science
I myself am an IT professional who has worked in large industries and corporate sectors practicing the knowledge I have gained through work and...
2 months ago
Bachelors, B.Com (Finance)
Worked one-on-one with high school and middle school students for all subjects, including English and Hindi. • Supervised and tutored students...
5 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Law
David Edet is a private attorney and consultant. He is a proficient writer, editor, and litigation expert. David has over 3 years extensive...
5 months ago
Bachelors (BS), Bachelor Of Computer...
I am currently one year away from acquiring my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I specialize in the field of computer vision and machine...
7 months ago
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering
I am mechanical engineer with 28 years experience in fabrication. I love teaching about welding and fabrication related processes. I am good at...
8 months ago
Masters (MA), Technology
From my early childhood, I played with toys for some days, later on, I started to disassemble every part to observe its mechanism. Further, I...
4 months ago
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering
I have done B. Tech in Mechanical engineering and I was pretty much interested to share my knowledge and skills. I have been tutoring for two...
5 months ago
MBA, Business Administration
I Finished my UG B.Tech IT at "Sona College Of Technology "and currently pursuing my MBA at Measi Institute Of Management. I used to help my...
1 year ago
Masters (MS), Communications
MSc. in Global Strategic Communications, Masters in Mass Communications from FIU; Art Direction, Copy Writing, Digital Marketing from Miami Ad...
3 months ago
Doctorate, Chemical Engineering
Sidharth Sankar Parhi is working at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Kharagpur, India, as a Ph.D. Research scholar....
1 month ago
Hello everyone,I am a B.Tech in Automobile Engineering along with holding Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from one of the renowned...

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