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1 month ago
Bachelors, Civil Engineering
I am professional in civil engineering field. I have more tthan 4 years experience in freelancing. I can help you to sort your problems very...
7 months ago
I have tutored students in my hometown
7 months ago
M.Sc. Biological Sciences
I am a fun and exuberant student with a passion for psychology and cinema. I am currently pursuing a Masters' degree in Biological Sciences from...
3 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Media And Cultural...
I worked as a Writing Tutor at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) from September of 2015 to June of 2018. In this position, I...
11 months ago
Associate, CA Foundation
Being an accountant, i am expert in Quickbooks, Excel and Tally ERP. Being a Tutor, i will assist you in various subjects i.e. Accounting,...
5 months ago
Associate, Counselling Psychology
I have over 12 years of practical training experience. I possess two certifications in Training of Trainers as well as membership of The Kenya...
3 months ago
Bachelors (BS), Computer Engineering
I am graduated in computer engineering and I've been working as a freelancer online tutor since 2015, focusing on math, science and grammar...
1 month ago
Masters, Chemistry
Complete MSc Chemistry and now am a last year student in bachelor degree in education. My ambition is becoming a PhD in chemistry. So am trying...
2 months ago
Bachelors (BS), Bachelor Of Science In...
I finished One (1) year Certified Nursing Aide and also graduated 4 years degree course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I...
2 months ago
Bachelors, Technology
I completed my in information technology steam i have a Excellent Interpersonal skill, -Energetic, sharp and committed, Lenient in...
7 months ago
I am MBA in Marketing.I have 5 years in tutoring where I mostly did it part-time. I am working for ed tech firm so as to reach out to the...
4 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Arts
I have been working as a teacher for the past 20 years.I am confident that I could help students to the best of my knowledge.
9 months ago
Bachelors (BA), Psychology And Education
I recently graduated from one of the highest-ranking National Liberal Arts Colleges. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and...

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