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13 days ago
Bachelors (BS), MEDICAL
•Medical student and have cleared NEET 2 times • (medical) with 65%mks •Currently pursuing B.ED •A home tutor with 6 months of...
16 days ago
Masters (MS), Zoology (entomology)
I m post graduate in zoology.i run my own science coatching classes.i have master diploma in laboratory technology with 5 years experience of a...
13 days ago
Bachelors, MBBS
I know how to talk to students and teach them
2 months ago
Bachelors, Agriculture
According to the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam "Knowledge is said to be the power".It is the true friends of life ,as much you spends it increases...
2 months ago
Masters (MS), Biotechnology
I currently teach to the Master's and Bachelor's level students at University of Pune for Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Nursing and Clinical...
1 month ago
BS, Strategic Management
I am a creative writer with a vast experience in academic writing. My excellent career is backed by exceptional skills which translate to the...
3 months ago
Bachelors, Medicines And Surgery
I have done BSC from s.p college srinagar. After that i did my MBBS from achariya shri chander college of medical science sidhra...
3 months ago
Masters, Medicine
I have worked as an online tutor since August 2016 on a variety of platforms. My area of expertise is represented by science subjects which...
1 month ago
Masters (MS), Zoology
I have been working as a high school science teacher, but I wanna connect with huge number of students to solve their problems in Biology...
3 months ago
Masters (MS), Science
Very honnest, hard working.know my work very offen .maintaining in time explanation .thank you

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