Offline tutor Christopher Mwenda University of Kabianga, Meru, Kenya, Business Communication Leadership-management Hip-hop-music Classical-physics Organic Chemistry Solid-state-chemistry Human-rights ACT Nursing Exams Writing tutoring
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Christopher Mwenda

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Bachelors, Bachelor Of Education Science
University of Kabianga, Continued
Meru, Kenya
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Who am I?

I am an enthusiastic person committed to a career in research, writing, and Consultancy and an excellent Media studies and communication advisor with experience in research and writing and career guidance in Media studies and communication and finally skilled in Education related subjects (Core Subjects: Physics&Chemistry, OPT: Psychology, sociology, History, Religion, and English)

What interests me?

Online researching, Writing, Reading, Chatting with friends, and Filling in puzzles.

Bachelors, Bachelor Of Education Science
University of Kabianga
2018 - Continued