BBA, Management & Economics
4,268 Jobs

Taking care of the smaller details in life has a larger impact in our general well being, and that is what i believe in. My name is Carol....

Bachelors, Economics
10 Jobs

I am that writer who gives his best for my student/client. Anything i do, i give my best. I have tutored for the last five years and non of my...

Bachelors, LAW
No job done

I have been Working as a Lecturer in Sociology Since 2012. I am working on visiting faculty position in Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad and...

Masters (MA), Economics
1 Jobs

I am from chandigarh in India I have done my graduation (BA) in economics honours with mathematics , political science , english and history and...

No job done

I use a hands-on technique and am approachable to my students. I incorporate fun into my lessons when possible. And while my easy-going style is...

Bachelors, Social Work
311 Jobs

I am a professional writer with more than 2 years of writing experience. I will always deliver a grade A paper with zero plagiarism . Thanks in...

M.Com, Finance
648 Jobs

I've done MS specialization in finance’s have command on accounting and financial management. Forecasting and Financial Statement Analysis is...

Masters (MA), Sociology
No job done

I tutored mostly elementary school students privately after school and during the summer. We met in their homes or at the public library. And...

Master, Business Administration
117 Jobs

I am committed to ensuring that my services always meet the clients' expectations.

Masters (MA), ARTS
No job done


Masters, Geography
No job done

M.A in Geography, B. Ed with sst, 2year tutoring experience.

Bachelors (BA), Public Administration
No job done

When I was in elementary school I had to be tutored in math every summer. I remember having a great experience, feeling prepared, and being...

Doctorate, Ph.D
No job done

I am Prem Prakash, and head of department in Political Science, I have teaching experience in ramgarh college in 2 years and 3 years experience...

Masters, Logistics And Supply Chain...
32 Jobs

Being a highly skilled tutor with at least 5 years of tutoring experience in different areas, I learned how to help diverse learners in writing...

Masters (MA), Master Of Arts In...
No job done

Dedicated, hard working, creative and energetic teaching style, providing an innovative, stimulating learning environment for students with a...

MBA, Business Administration
No job done

Previous experience, I did work in intelenet global service as a assistance manager . i have a 6 year experience in this company I left this...

Doctorate, Medicine
No job done

I am once a researcher and project officer that deals with interacting with people on the ground. I make things easier for my people to...

Bachelors, Psychology Computer Science...
No job done

My name is Rumaisa and I am a student and also teaching on different online and offline platforms . I am having teaching experience of more than...

Masters (MA), Education
No job done

My education was MA/BED and my tutoring experience was last 10 years. My all student was satisfy with me.

Bachelors, Economics And Finance
No job done

With a broad range of customer preferences, I provide bespoke services that meet or surpass their expectations. As an astute academic writer,...

Bachelors, Technology
No job done

My teaching style is grounds on. I believe in clarifying concepts rather than rot learning. I encourage communicative 2-way interactions so that...

Masters (MA), Political Science
No job done

My motto for teaching is to convey the knowledge and concepts of subject matters what basically needs for quality education .I always give...

Bachelors (BS), Criminology
No job done

I am currently working as a tutor in Coursehero, where my expertise is in the field of  Law. I help students learn to analyze, understand their...

Bachelors, Bachelor Of Education
1 Jobs

I have been teaching students for more than three years, and recorded high [performances in my subjects. I love my job as a tutor, and I love to...

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