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Pramendra Kumar Singh
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Bachelors, Electrical Engineering
Durg, India
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Who am I?

To be very honest, i have only a little experience regarding tutoring, that too was "applied" on my brother. But regarding education, I am a confident man, just like John Wick. I obtained the highest possible CGPA in class 10th i.e 10CGPA. I was good at all the subjects, but my love for English, Social Studies and Mathematics were on a whole different level. So for the above mentioned reason, i went for Mathematics for higher studies. Physics became my new love. And then, I ended up cracking JEE Mains, but couldn't go through Advanced. I gave a thought of taking a drop for a year, but my fami...   

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What interests me?

Keeping aside my obvious hobby of "imparting knowledge", I am a gym-alcoholic. Also, I play football

Bachelors, Electrical Engineering
British Indian Ocean Territory
2016 - Continued