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Hire online sociology tutor for instant homework help and ask questions directly from qualified sociologists. Discuss concepts like alienation of labor, the symbolic interactionist perspective, self fulfilling prophecyanticipatory socialization, deviance and social control, etc. The online tutors can teach you everything related to sociology ranging from sociology of gender to various theories like kohlberg's theory of moral development, karlmarx conflict theory and shaw and mckay social disorganization theory.

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4 hours ago
Bachelors, Bio-Statistics
I am a professional Statistician and Project Research writer. I am looking forward to getting mostly statistical work including data management...
15 hours ago
Bachelors, Technology
During my undergraduate i used to participate as TA (Teaching Assistant) in several electronics and computers subject. I'm passionate about...
4 days ago
MS, Business Administration
I have over 3 years of professional experience as an assignment tutor, and 1 year as a tutor trainee.
12 days ago
Masters (MS), Chemical Engineering
I am a professional Process/Mechanical engineer having a vast 7 years experience in process industry as well as in academic studies as a...
6 days ago
Masters (MS), Information Management
I hold M.Sc and M.Phil degrees in mathematics from CCS University, India and also have a MS degree in information management from Asian...
17 days ago
Masters, Computer Application
I have completed B.Sc in mathematics and Master in Computer Science.
24 minutes ago
Masters, Mathematics
In my hone town my just a home tutors for +2 students,for some time.
3 days ago
Doctorate, Structural Engineering
I am a Research Scholar of Civil Engineering department at IIT Delhi. I have been involved in teaching Bachelors level students from 2016. I...
1 day ago
Bachelors, Technology
In my engineering days, I was involved in designing nano satellite which was built by SRM university and successfully launched by ISRO(Indian...
21 hours ago
Bachelors(Hons), Engineering
As i am in final year of civil engineering i can solve most of the civil engineering problem.I can solve any problem related to physics and...
6 hours ago
Masters, Business Administration
From an early age, when I myself was studying in Class 11, I have been teaching primary class students in Mathematics, Science & English. Later...
2 days ago
Masters, Mathematics
I am Jekil Gadhiya, completed my Graduation(B.Sc in Mathematics) from Saurashtra University in 2012, post-graduation( M.Sc in Mathematics) from...
6 hours ago
Bachelors, Technology
I believe tutors are those who interact with students on a one-to-one basis which helps them in understanding the concepts quickly which...
1 day ago
Bachelors, Technology
I'm graduate from Visvesvaraya national institute of technology in mechanical branch. I have 2years of experience as a tutor and also...
3 hours ago
Bachelors, Computer Engineering
1. Smart India Hackathon Govt of India In SIH'19 there are three team selected from Rajkot, our is one of them. In Kanpur, PSIT we...
21 hours ago
Bachelors, B.Sc.
I love to teach the students.It's just not a profession for me, it is my passion. I had taught many students at the best of my level. I'll give...
5 days ago
Masters, Post Graduation
Hi, I am Srikanth, I belong to Andhra Pradesh, India. My recent qualification is Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and presently...
1 day ago
Masters (MA), M.Sc In Mathematics &...
I did my master from IIT ISN DHANBAD I love to code and solve math problems specially calculas and algebra I will be happy to discuss math...
3 days ago
Bachelors, Technology
Currently graduating in Computer Science and Engineering from UCEK JNTUK Kakinada, the best college in Andhra Pradesh,India. TUTORING...
21 hours ago
Bachelors, Technology
I have a degree in mechanical engg.I graduated in the year 2019 from kumaon engg college and secured 3rd rank in the class.I have qualified gate...

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