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Pritish Biswas
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Masters (MS),
Kolkata, India
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Who am I?

I have worked as an online chemistry tutor, having 100% rating from students...I am always ready to help students and act quickly and effectively whenever i will get any assignment...I have made such a new organic compound in laboratory, which can sense presence of Arsenic in water. Further work on this topic is going on. Skills i have- 1. M.S. office 2. M.S. powerpoint 3. C programing (basics) 4. g fortran (basics) 5. Chemdraw (chemistry software) 6. Origin 7. Mestronova (NMR spectroscopy analyser) Happy to help you any time, any where....Thank you

What interests me?

Online chemistry tutor, Researcher by passion, learner, reader, quizzer, friendly with everyone.

Masters (MS),
National Institute of Technology Rourkela
2017 - Continued