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Shafahat Hussain
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Masters, Mathematics
Seohara Bijnor, India
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Who am I?

I attend many conferences on Mathematics and I participated in many International Olympiads of Mathematics as I always fascinated about Mathematics. I qualified many state level and international level competitions, some are as follows: 1. MTTS(Mathematics Training and Talent Search 2016) 2. UPSTSE( Uttar Pradesh science talent search examination) 3. IMO(International Mathematical Olympiad) 4. CSTUP-SRFP

What interests me?

I love to play Table Tennis. I served as a Captain TT in my hostel during my bachelors.

Masters, Mathematics
Aligarh Muslim University
British Indian Ocean Territory
2014 - Continued
I have completed MSc in mathematics from AMU and currently preparing for Phd.
2014 - Present (6 years)