When an electron occupies a 2s orbital on an N atom

When an electron occupies a 2s orbital on an N atom it has a hyperfine interaction of 55.2 mT with the nucleus. The spectrum ofN02 shows an isotropic hyperfine interaction of 5.7 mT. For what proportion of its time is the unpaired electron of NO, occupying a 25 orbital? The hyperfine coupling constant for an electron in a 2p orbital of an N atom is 3.4 mT. In NO, the anisotropic part of the hyperfine coupling is 1.3 mT. What proportion of its time does the unpaired electron spend in the 2p orbital of the N atom in N0z? What is the total probability that the electron will be found on
(a) The N atoms,
(b) The °atoms' what is the hybridization ratio of the N atom? Does the hybridization support the view that NO, is angular?


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