Which type of control chart (p-, np-, c-, u-, U-,

Which type of control chart (p-, np-, c-, u-, U-, or charts for highly conforming processes) is most appropriate to monitor the following situations?·
(a) Number of potholes in highways
(b) Proportion of customers who are satisfied with the operation of the local housing authority
(c) Satisfaction of customers at a restaurant where customers consider the quality of food and attitude of the server to be more important than the decor
(d) Number of errors in account transactions at a bank where the number of accounts varies from month to month
(e) Number of automobile accident claims filed per month at the insurance dealer, assuming a stable number of insured persons
f) Responsiveness to customer needs of a local library where customers value the longer hours over short lines to check out books
(g) Needlestick in patients in a hospital
(h) Loan defaults in a financial institution in a year
(i) Number of surgical errors in a health care facility
(j) Number of thefts in a city over a period of time
(k) Proportion of people that favor the construction of condominiums in a certain neighborhood
(1) Number of weld defects in the construction of aircraft
(m) Number of seeds that germinate from a large pack of seeds sold by a nursery when the number of seeds in a packet may vary
(n) Performance of the braking mechanism of a certain model of automobile (the car is expected to stop within a certain distance)
(o) Number of firemen to have on duty to provide an acceptable level of service (each fire usually requires four firemen; the department has data on the number of calls they receive during the specified period of time)
(p) Performance of data-entry operators (if one or more input errors are made, the file is rendered useless and a revision is necessary)
(q) Control of the number of typographical errors per page at a document preparation center (data are chosen randomly and obtained daily on the number of errors in 30 pages)
(r) Control of the wiring and transistor defects in an electronic component (wiring defects are considered more serious)
(s) Number of traffic accidents in a city per month
(t) Proportion of successful patent applications by a drug manufacturer