Write a memo (at least 1½ pages long) introducing yourself

Write a memo (at least 1½ pages long) introducing yourself to the other students in your collaborative writing group. Include the following topics:
Background: What is your major? What special areas of knowledge do you have? What have you done in terms of school, extracurricular activities, jobs, and family life?
Previous experience in groups: What groups have you worked in before? Are you usually a leader, a follower, or a bit of both? Are you interested in a quality product? In maintaining harmony in the group? In working efficiently? What do you like most about working in groups? What do you like least?
Work and composing style: Do you like to talk out ideas while they’re in a rough stage or work them out on paper before you discuss them? Would you rather have a complete outline before you start writing or just a general idea? Do you want to have a detailed schedule of everything that has to be done and who will do it, or would you rather “go with the flow”? Do you work best under pressure, or do you want to have assignments ready well before the due date?
Areas of expertise: What can you contribute to the group in terms of knowledge and skills? Are you good at brainstorming ideas? Researching? Designing charts? Writing? Editing? Word processing? Managing the flow of work? Maintaining group cohesion? Goals for collaborative assignments: What do you hope to accomplish this term? Where does this course fit into your priorities?
Use complete memo format with appropriate headings. (See Appendix A for examples of memo format.) Use a conversational writing style; edit your final draft for mechanical and grammatical correctness. A good memo will enable others in your group to see you as an individual.
Use details to make your memo vivid and interesting. Remember that one of your purposes is to make your readers look forward to working with you!


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