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  • A constant-volume gas thermometer with a triple -point pressure P3 = 500 torr is used to measure the boiling point of some substance. When the thermometer is placed in thermal contact with the boiling substance, its pressure is 734 torr. Some of the gas in the thermometer is then allowed to escape so that its triple -point pressure is 200

  • A container encloses 2 mol of an ideal gas that has molar mass M1 and 0.5 mol of a second ideal gas that has molar mass M2 = 3M1 What fraction of the total pressure on the container wall is attributable to the second gas? (The kinetic theory explanation of pressure leads to the experimentally discovered law of partial pressures for a mixt

  • A container has a mixture of two gases: n1 mol of gas 1 having molar specific heat C1 and n2 mol of gas 2 of molar specific heat C2. (a) Find the molar specific heat of the mixture. (b) What If? What is the molar specific heat if the mixture has m gases in the amounts n1, n2, n3, . . . , nm, with molar specific heats C1, C2, C3, . . . , C

  • A container holds a mixture of three non reacting gases: 2.40 mol of gas 1 with Cv1 = 12.0 J/mol ∙ K, 1.50 mol of gas 2 with Cv2 = 12.8 J/mol ∙ K and 3.20 mol of gas 3 with Cv3 = 20.0 J/mol ∙ K. What is CV of the mixture?

  • A container with a volume of 6.0 L holds 10 g of liquid helium. As the container warms to room temperature, what is the pressure exerted by the gas on its walls?

  • A cubic box of volume 5.1 X 10-2 m3 is filled with air at atmospheric pressure at 20oC. The box is closed and heated to 180oC. What is the net force on each side of the box?

  • A cubic metal box with sides of 20 cm contains air at a pressure of 1 atm and a temperature of 300 K. The box is sealed so that the volume is constant, and it is heated to a temperature of 400 K. Find the net force on each wall of the box.

  • A cylinder 2.4 m tall is filled with an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure (Figure). The top of the cylinder is then closed with a tight-fitting piston whose mass is 1.4 kg and the piston is allowed to drop until it is in equilibrium. (a) Find the height of the piston, assuming that the temperature of the gas does not change

  • A cylinder containing n mol of an ideal gas undergoes an adiabatic process. (a) Starting with the expression W = - fPdV and using the condition PVy = constant, show that the work done on the gas is

  • A cylinder contains a mixture of helium and argon gas in equilibrium at 150°C. (a) What is the average kinetic energy for each type of gas molecule? (b) What is the root-mean-square speed of each type of molecule?

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