A local accounting firm that is growing rapidly has asked for your help. The firm has four


A local accounting firm that is growing rapidly has asked for your help. The firm has four partners who are primarily responsible for developing new business. In addition to developing new business, the partners are very busy with their management tasks, so the partners need an easy way to record their new business development activities that does not take too much time or effort. The managing partner of the firm has asked you to develop a database that will help the four partners track their new business development efforts. After talking with the managing partner, you decide that the following information needs to be included in the database: 

Identity of the partner who is developing the new business lead, including the partner’s first name, middle initial, last name, and four-digit employee ID number. 

Identity of the client or potential client for which the work would be done, including the company name, the key contact persons at the company and the company’s address (street address, city, state, and ZIP code). 

Information about each new business lead, including the type of new business (the firm classifies its work into the following categories: audit, accounting, tax compliance, tax research, litigation support, and other consulting) and an estimate of the revenue the firm could derive from the new business. 

Information about each contact made to develop each new business lead, including the date of the contact, how much time the partner spent on the contact (in hours), and a brief summary of important points discussed.


Using the bottom- up approach described in this chapter, design a set of relational database tables that will include all needed information. Be sure that the tables are in 3NF. Your instructor might have you create the tables and their relationships in a DBMS such as Microsoft Access and enter a few rows of data into each table.

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