A storage tank containing oil (SG = 0.92) is 10.0

A storage tank containing oil (SG = 0.92) is 10.0 meters high and 16.0 meters in diameter. The tank is closed, but the amount of oil it contains can be determined from the gauge pressure at the bottom.

(a) A pressure gauge connected to the bottom of the tank was calibrated with the top of the tank open to the atmosphere. The calibration curve is a plot of height of oil, h(m), versus p gauge (kPa). Sketch the expected shape of this plot. What height of oil would lead to a gauge reading of 68 kPa? What would be the mass (kg) of oil in the tank corresponding to this height?

(b) An operator observes that the pressure gauge reading is 68 kPa and notes the corresponding liquid height from the calibration curve. What he did not know was that the absolute pressure above the liquid surface in the tank was 115 kPa when he read the gauge. What is the actual height of the oil? (Assume atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa).