As resident manager of a large apartment complex, you receive free rent in return for collecting rents,


As resident manager of a large apartment complex, you receive free rent in return for collecting rents, doing simple maintenance, and enforcing the complex’s rules. You find the following notice in the files:
Some of you are failing to keep any kind of standard of sanitation code, resulting in the unnecessary cost on our part to hire exterminators to rid the building of roaches.
Our leases state breach of contract in the event that you are not observing your responsibility to keep your apartment cleans.
We are in the process of making arrangements for an extermination company to rid those apartments that are experiencing problems. Get in touch with the manager no later than 10 pm Monday to make arrangements for your apartment to be sprayed. It is a fast, odorless operation. You are also required to put your garbage in plastic bags. Do not put loose garbage or garbage in paper bags in the dumpster, as this leads to rodent or roach problems.
Should we in the course of providing extermination service to the building find that your apartment is a source of roaches, then you will be held liable for the cost incurred to rid your apartment of them.
The message is horrible. The notice lacks you-attitude, and it seems to threaten anyone who asks to have his or her apartment sprayed.
The annual spraying scheduled for your complex is coming up. Under the lease, you have the right to enter apartments once a year to spray. However, for spraying to be fully effective, residents must empty the cabinets, remove kitchen drawers, and put all food in the refrigerator.
People and pets need to leave the apartment for about 15 minutes while the exterminator sprays.
Tell residents about the spraying. Persuade them to prepare their apartments to get the most benefit from it, and persuade them to dispose of food waste quickly and properly so that the bugs don’t come back.
What objections may people have to having their apartments sprayed for bugs?
Why don’t people already take garbage out promptly and wrap it in plastic? How can you persuade them to change their behavior?
Analyze your audience. Are most tenants students, working people, or retirees? What one would be most effective for this group?

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