General Fund Budget. A portion of the General Fund operating budget for Southwest Citys Street Department follows


General Fund Budget. A portion of the General Fund operating budget for Southwest City€™s Street Department follows here and on subsequent pages.
After reading and evaluating the budget information for the Street Department of Southwest City, answer the following questions:
a. Does Southwest City appear to be using program budgeting? If not, what form of budgeting is the city using?
b. Does the budget provide information useful for evaluating the performance of the Street Department€™s management?
c. Do the goals established for the Street Department appear appropriate? How could they be improved?
Annual Budget General Fund
FY 2010€”2011 Description
Department Description Streets
The Street Department is responsible for maintaining all city-owned streets, alleys, and parking lots, keeping them in serviceable condition to ensure the safety and welfare of the public. Activities include repairing damage caused by waterline breaks: repairing potholes and patching utility cuts; repairing base failures; preparing street driving surfaces for annual seal coating program; reconstructing streets to upgrade driving surface and drainage to meet increased traffic volumes; cleaning and repairing drainage ditches and structures; inspecting and making repairs to city bridges and sidewalks: performing annual crack sealing to prevent water damage to driving surface of streets; performing traffic counts on an as-needed basis: installing and maintaining traffic control signs and paving markings; responding to emergency conditions by barricading, sandbagging, clearing fallen trees and debris from streets and drainage structures, and sanding streets during icing conditions; mowing rights-of-way and maintaining street and alley shoulders; installing and maintaining street name signs; and assisting other departments as needed.

SOUTHWEST CITY Annual Budget General Fund FY 2010-2011 Description Department Description (continued) Expenditure Summar

Department Goals
Increase the number of repairs for old utility cuts, upgrade the street driving surface, and prevent future water damage.
Pursue an aggressive weed and grass control program within street gutters and rights-of-way and behind curbs.
Increase miles of street shoulder repairs to prevent pavement breaking and erosion.
Replace existing noncompliance yield signs with stop signs.
Increase work-hours spent on trimming overhanging limbs and brush in and overstreets.

General Fund Budget. A portion of the General Fund operating

General Fund Budget. A portion of the General Fund operating

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