In mid-May, Aileen Macdonald, PA, received a phone call from

In mid-May, Aileen Macdonald, PA, received a phone call from one of her largest clients, a manufacturer. The client wanted to know more details about the impact that the GST would have on his 20X4 operations and financial statements. When Aileen and the client had discussed the results of the 20X3 audit last February, part of their conversation had dealt with the tax. Aileen had indicated that she would be sending a newsletter about the tax by July 1.

Since February there had been more changes to the legislation, which Aileen and her partners had not had time to absorb. However, Aileen had registered for the annual June provincial conference, where she would attend the four technical sessions on the GST. She planned to ask questions about her client’s situation during the question-and-answer periods that followed each session.

Aileen explained to the client that she would have more information within a month and would contact him then. At that time, she will ask the client for names of firms that might be interested in receiving her newsletter.


Which rules of professional conduct are relevant in the above situation? Discuss the rules with which Aileen Macdonald is in compliance as well as those she may have violated.


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