If you do not know it, vacuum cleaners can be smart. Some of you may use the Roomba from iRobot.


If you do not know it, vacuum cleaners can be smart. Some of you may use the Roomba from iRobot. This vacuum cleaner can be left alone to clean floors, and it exhibits some intelligence. owever, in smart homes, we expect to see even smarter vacuum cleaners. One is Roboking Turbo Plus from LG in Korea. Researchers at South Korea's Seoul National University Robotics and Intelligent System Lab studied the Roboking and verified that its deep-learning algorithm makes it as intelligent as a six- or seven-year-old child. If we have self-driving cars, why can't we have a self driving vacuum cleaner, which is much simpler than a car. The cleaner needs only to move around an entire room. To do so, the machine needs to "see" its location in a room and identify obstacles in front of it. Then the cleaner's knowledge base needs to find what is the best thing to do (given worked in the past). This is basically what many AI machines' sensors, knowledge bases, and rules do. In addition, the AI machine needs to learn from its past experience (e.g., what it should not do because it did not work in the past).
Roboking is equipped with LG's Deep Thin QTM AI program, which enables the vacuum cleaner to figure out the nature of an encountered obstacle. The program tells it to go around furniture, wait for a dog to move, or stop. So, how intelligent is the machine? To answer this question, the Korean researchers developed 100 metrics and tested vacuum cleaners that were boasted as autonomous. he performance of the tested cleaners was divided into three levels based on their performance regarding the 100 metrics. The levels were as intelligent as a dolphin, as intelligent as an ape, and as intelligent as a six-to-seven-year-old child. The study confirmed that Roboking performed tasks at the upper level of machine intelligence.

Questions for case
1. How did the Korean researchers determine the performance of the vacuum cleaners?
2. If you own (or have seen) the Roomba, how intelligent do you think it is?
3. What capability can be generated by the deep learning feature?
4. Find recent information about LG’s Roboking. Specifically, what are the newest improvements to the product?

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