Refer to the prediction equation logit(π̂) = – 10.071 –

Refer to the prediction equation logit(π̂) = – 10.071 – 0.509c + 0.458x for model (5.13). The means and standard deviations are c̅ = 2.44 and s = 0.80 for color, and x̅ = 26.30 and s = 2.11 for width.

For standardized predictors [e.g., x = (width – 26.3)/2.11], explain why the estimated coefficients of e and x equal –0.41 and 0.97. Interpret these by comparing the partial effects of a 1 standard deviation increase in each predictor on the odds. Describe the color effect by estimating the change in π̂ between the first and last color categories at the mean score for width.


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