A tank of 0.1 m 3 volume contains air at 25C and 101.33 kPa. The tank is connected to a


A tank of 0.1 m3 volume contains air at 25°C and 101.33 kPa. The tank is connected to a compressed-air line which supplies air at constant conditions of 45°C and 1500 kPa. A valve in the line is cracked so that air flows slowly into the tank until the pressure equals the line pressure. If the process occurs slowly enough that the temperature in the tank remains at 25°C, how much heat is lost from the tank? Assume air to be an ideal gas for which CP = (7/2)R and CV = (5/2)R.

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Introduction To Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

ISBN: 9781260597684

9th International Edition

Authors: J.M. Smith, Mark Swihart Hendrick C. Van Ness, Michael Abbott

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