By 2003 Nova had a controlling interest (51%) in Pemancar

By 2003 Nova had a controlling interest (51%) in Pemancar (and increased their ownership stake to 70% by 2005) and therefore was in a position to make demands such as setting operational policies and establishing production goals and cost constraints. During the ensuing 4 years (approximately) Nova undertook a change effort at Pemancar with the goal of changing Pemancar to resemble other similar Nova subsidiaries in terms of how they operate, their production (output level), and other standards. To date (after 4 years) this change effort can be largely judged as being a failure. The current plant manager, Danial Tareq, has approached your group (team) and has asked for a report, which will highlight the failures of the initial change effort and provide a new change plan. In particular, this report should be between 1,300 and 1,500 words in length.

The 1st third of the report should focus on the previous change effort's failures (what actions did not work and possible reasons for why they did not work). Keeping in mind that perhaps some of the steps that Nova took in its change effort weren't necessarily wrong but rather the way in which they were carried out led to the failure (or, not so much what they did, but rather how they did it). The remainder of the report is to formulate a new change plan. Unlike other organizational change case studies, the creation of a new vision and future state will not be required. Nova has already provided this. Your change plan should include specific steps to be taken and why (what is hoped to be accomplished). Finally, a rough timeline for these steps should be provided (the order of the steps). 

As is mentioned at the end of the case study Danial Tareq ha only 1 year to get the plant to comply with Nova's standards. In terms of structure or formatting, a table of contents is suggested and proper references noted but it need not follow apa citation rules. Prepare Report.