Read the JBIB case study (Ethics, Decision-Making and

Read the JBIB case study (Ethics, Decision-Making and Responsibility: Tough Call Knowing Someone Loses)  and answer the following questions  expand as you type in   You should focus on leadership characteristics, especially as they relate to ethics and decision-making.  

  • Identify the primary ethical considerations presented in this case. Reconcile the biblical admonitions for integrity and those for mercy, grace, and forgiveness (using scripture as appropriate).
  • Consider Thomas’ responsibilities as a manager and those he holds as a Christian. Are there potential conflicts in the two sets of duties? If so, what should Thomas consider in his decision regarding termination of Mike’s employment?
  • What counsel would you offer to Thomas about the decision he needs to make? How should he communicate the decision to Mike and others in the organization?
  • What could Thomas have done in the hiring, training, and accountability processes to circumvent the problem (using hindsight)?


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