1. What is Ladures target market and retail strategy in the United States? 2. Explain the reasons...


1. What is Ladurée’s target market and retail strategy in the United States? 

2. Explain the reasons Ladurée owns its stores in some countries and uses franchising with local licensees in others. 

3. Which type(s) of retailing format(s) and location(s) is (are) best suited to match Ladurée’s marketing strategy in the United States? 

4. Could Ladurée sell its products online? Why or why not? 

Synopsis:  Ladurée, a famous French pastry company, is known worldwide for its macarons but only recently has entered the U.S. market. This entry has produced not only opportunities but also challenges for this company. In particular, this case focuses on questions related to appropriate locations, types of retail ownership, and ideal target markets.

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