Match the term with the definition. Isolation ward a. Clients previous invoices that can be viewed at any time to


Match the term with the definition.

Isolation ward

a. Client’s previous invoices that can be viewed at any time to see past payments and charges

b. Physical count of every medicine and supply item within the facility to retain accurate records

c. Area that contains cages and equipment to care for patients that are contagious and may spread disease

d. Supplies used on a daily basis that are not considered in the client invoice, such as paper towels, gauze sponges, and cotton balls

e. Items that are needed or low in stock within the facility and need to be reordered

f. Area of the facility where X-rays are taken and developed; this area is regulation due to chemical and radiation exposure

g. Person working in the kennel area and animal wards, providing food, exercise, and clean bedding

h. Bill given to a client that lists the costs of services and procedures

i. Area of the facility where critical patients needing immediate and constant care are treated and housed

j. The approximate cost of services

k. Location in the facility where tests and samples are prepared or completed for analysis

l. Area where patients receive routine exams

m. Treatment area—area where animals are treated or prepared for surgery

n. Paperwork list that codes services and procedures that allows the staff to track fees to charge the client

o. Area where surgery is performed and harmful anesthesia gases are used; the area must be kept sterile to prevent contamination

p. Paper enclosed in a package that details the items in the shipment

q. Paperwork completed by clients to allow them to obtain a line of credit to pay for veterinary services

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