The following information relates to Vane City during the year

The following information relates to Vane City during the year ended December 31, 20X8:
1. On October 31, 20X8, to finance the construction of a city hall annex, Vane issued 8 percent, 10-year general obligation bonds at their face value of $800,000. A contractor's bid of $750,000 was accepted for the construction. By year-end, one-third of the contract had been completed at a cost of $246,000, all of which was paid on January 5, 20X9.
2. Vane collected $109,000 from hotel room taxes restricted for tourist promotion in a special revenue fund. The fund incurred and paid $81,000 for general promotions and $22,000 for a motor vehicle. Estimated revenues for 20X8 were $112,000; appropriations were expected to be $108,000.
3. General fund revenues of $313,500 for 20X8 were transferred to a debt service fund and used to repay $300,000 of 9 percent, 15-year term bonds, which matured in 20X8, and to repay $13,500 of matured interest. The bond proceeds were used to construct a citizens' center.
4. At December 31, 20X8, Vane was responsible for $83,000 of outstanding encumbrances in its general fund. The city uses the nonlapsing method to account for its outstanding encumbrances.
5. Vane uses the purchases method to account for supplies in the general fund. At December 31, 20X8, an inventory indicated that the supplies inventory was $42,000. At December 31, 20X7, the supplies inventory was $45,000.

For each numbered item above, make all the journal entries in all funds affected for the year ended December 31, 20X8. Before each journal entry, identify the fund in which it is made. Do not make any adjusting/closing entries for items (1), (2), and (3).

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