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Kushagra Thakral
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Bachelors (BS), Polymer Science And Technology
Navi Mumbai, India
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Who am I?

My teaching and tutoring experience began unprofessionally when i started teaching my younger brother his school related courses and its grown ever since. I've been teaching part time , to high school students aiming for good colleges/universities professionally in a coaching institute since the last two years. Recently I also got introduced to chegg and instantly became a chegg expert continuing my passion to teach. Now that i found a better alternative for chegg , I am applying here too and it'll be my honor to be one of the tutors of SolutionInn. I believe I can really make an impact on...   

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What interests me?

My interests are playing basketball ,teaching and my hobbies are playing guitar and performing shows

Bachelors (BS), Polymer Science And Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
British Indian Ocean Territory
2017 - Continued