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Who am I?

During my final year of Engineering, Group of us was mentoring and guiding juniors on the problems they were facing with the learning curve, I was also teaching a bunch of school students basic to intermediate programming languages and concepts. after college, I joined AISF and college's own junior helper program(for computer science branch) to help students kick start their computer science journey. also worked as a freelancer/guide for multiple projects including for Stanford university's md professor.

What interests me?

I like working on my own ideas(applications related) ,also playing FPS games

Bachelors, Computer Science
Rajasthan Technical University
British Indian Ocean Territory
2012 - 2016
Front-end Engineer
Currently working as a frontend engineer, on internal tools and communication applications also handling public domain application, handling a team of 3 junior developers.
2018 - Present (2 years)