Offline tutor Odafe Imogu Federal University of Technology, Minna
, Minna, Nigeria, Management Leadership Organizational Behavior Chemical Engineering Algebra Calculus Introduction to Physics Numerical Analysis Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry IELTS tutoring
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Who am I?

I am quite skilled and experienced in different methods of teaching as i have been actively engaged in different forms of teaching since completing my secondary education. I prefer to keep things very simple because I believe learning is enjoyable when a seemingly difficult concept is simplified. I also love to relate taught concepts to everyday activities as it demystifies the subject and the daunting nature of expected tasks. I also firmly believe that even with the best tutoring, a student who does not practice will always run into avoidable trouble when precision and accuracy is absolutely...   

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What interests me?

I love playing video games (soccer), watching the news and great movies.

Masters, Chemical Engineering
Federal University of Technology, Minna
2018 - Continued
Broadcast Trainer
Nat. Youth Service Corps
Training of National Youth Service Corps members on Radio presenting and journalism skills
2017 - 2017 (Less than a year)
Head Of Research/Admin
Vetting of all programme content before airing, check for accuracy, on air and off air information analysis, data bank management, training and mentoring of new volunteers on quality broadcasting and on air presentation.
2010 - Present (10 years)
English,Maths,PHY Tutor
Open University Of Nig.
General O level/Remedial extra mural English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics Tutor
2009 - 2010 (1 year)