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Wilhelmina Suyat
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Bachelors (BS), Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology
Los Banos, Philippines
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Who am I?

I finished One (1) year Certified Nursing Aide and also graduated 4 years degree course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I developed my teaching abilities. I have learned a lot about myself as a tutor. Sharing my knowledge, information, and techniques to my students in able for them to learn and give good quality of education. My tutoring experience help students improve their performance on examinations and develop positive attitudes toward the subject matter. It was a very rewarding experience. As a tutor, you have to be patient and friendly. You must first gain their frien...   

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What interests me?

I have been an online academic tutor for two (2) years)

Bachelors (BS), Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology
Laguna State Polytechnic University
2004 - 2008
Associate, Certified Nursing Aide
AMA School of Medicine
2003 - 2004