Vince Malloy and Katy Smith, both systems personnel at Shamrock

Vince Malloy and Katy Smith, both systems personnel at Shamrock Steelworks, are designing a new expenditure cycle system. Vince has worked for Shamrock for 12 years and has been involved in many systems development projects. Katy recently began working for Shamrock. She has 4 years of experience in systems development with another comparably sized organization. Yesterday, Vince and Katy met to determine their plan for approaching the conceptual system design.
Following is an excerpt of some dialogue that occurred in that meeting.
Katy: I really think that the new system can be designed more efficiently if we use an object-oriented design approach. Further, future enhancements and maintenance will be easier if we use an object approach.
Vince: The method you are suggesting is a creation of modules. I do not have a problem with that concept in general. I just prefer using a top-down approach to design the system. We have been using that system for the past 12 years, and it has worked out OK.
Katy: Sure, your systems have worked for you, but perhaps they can be developed more efficiently, not to mention maintaining them. Further, we have approximately a 2-year backlog of projects. Changing to a more efficient design system may help us to reduce that wait.
Vince: We may not end up with the system we want if we do not consider the big picture. I am afraid if we get too tied to using existing modules for future projects, we may design suboptimal systems that will require more maintenance and have shorter lives in the long run. What good will the more efficient system do us then?

Prepare Katy’s response and develop a strategy for systems design that will address both of their concerns.


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