What special issues about data warehouse management (e.g., data

What special issues about data warehouse management (e.g., data capture and loading for the data warehouse (ETL processes) and query workload balancing) does this case suggest occur for real-time data warehousing? How has Continental addressed these issues?

Continental Airlines was founded in 1934 with a single engine Lockheed aircraft on dusty runways in the American Southwest. Over the years, Continental has grown and successfully weathered the storms associated with the highly volatile, competitive airline industry. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, Continental is currently the United States’ fifth largest airline and the seventh largest in the world. It carries approximately 50 million passengers a year to five continents (North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia), with over 2,300 daily departures, to more than 227 destinations. Continental, along with Continental Express and Continental Connection, now serves more destinations than any other airline in the world.


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