Which forces facing Bivens supported change and

1. Which forces facing Bivens supported change and which resisted change?

2. Did she use an economic or an organizational development approach to create change? Was it effective?

3. Using the diagnostic model for change in Figure 17.4, analyze the factors affecting the LPGA.


In 2005 when Carolyn Bivens became commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), she was surprised to learn that 70 percent of tournaments were losing money. Many of these events hardly compensated the tour for its support. She also inherited unsigned contracts and different financial practices for different tournaments. She was also shocked to see the differences between the PGA and LPGA. At many events, women forego the smaller women’s locker rooms to use the more spacious men’s locker rooms, where pots of geraniums sometimes disguise urinals. The difference between winning a PGA event and an LPGA event often approaches 1 million dollars.