1. Construct a service blueprint for the bear-making process indicating (1) The stages in the process; (2)...


1. Construct a service blueprint for the bear-making process indicating
(1) The stages in the process;
(2) The directional flow of the process;
(3) Labor cost for each stage in the process;
(4) The number of stations per stage; and
(5) The activity time for each process stage.
2. Based on the information provided in question 1, calculate
(1) The number of customers that can complete the bear-making process in an hour;
(2) The average service cost per bear; and
(3) Identify the bottleneck in the current process.
3. Develop a solution that minimizes the negative impact of the bottleneck and improves the number of customers that can make a bear in an hour.
(1) What is your suggestion to improve the bottleneck situation?
(2) Upon implementing your solution, how many customers can now build a bear in an hour?
(3) What is the new service cost per bear?
4. Discuss your next step in increasing the efficiency of the bear-making process. What are the managerial (practical) implications of taking additional steps to decrease the service cost per bear?

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