Dismas Assisted Living Facility Resource

1. Prepare a Gantt chart with resources for the project plan Dr. Alison submitted. Begin this project on January 3. Prepare a resource calendar for Dr. Alison.

2. How would you handle Dr. Alison’s resource problem?

3. Given Dr. Alison’s availability, how long will it take to complete testing of the assessment tool?

4. Prepare a Gantt chart for Dr. Alison’s plan incorporating any changes you recommend.


The team for the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) program was working to prepare in-depth plans, complete with the resource requirements for their projects’ tasks. Marc Alison, MD, the Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services for St. Dismas Medical Center was responsible for developing a project plan with the objective of identifying the scope and associated costs of health services to offer residents. The Medical Director included in the plan the development of an assessment tool that would be used to determine the required level and cost of care for prospective residents. This tool would also be used to ensure that the appropriate population was housed at the facility. It was important to have a way to distinguish a person who was too sick and needed a more intense level of care than that offered by the Assisted Living Facility. Once the assessment of a potential resident was completed, the facility staff could determine if the person assessed was a good candidate for the facility. This phase of the project plan was critical to the success of the project.