Jordan Brady schedules gigs for local bands and creates CDs and t- shirts to sell at each


Jordan Brady schedules gigs for local bands and creates CDs and t- shirts to sell at each gig. Brady uses a normal- costing system with two direct- cost pools, labor and materials, and one indirect- cost pool, general overhead. General overhead is allocated to each gig based on 120% of labor cost. Actual overhead equaled allocated overhead in March 2012. Actual overhead in April was $ 1,980. All costs incurred during the planning stage for a gig and during the gig are gathered in a balance sheet account called “Gigs in Progress (GIP).” When a gig is completed, the costs are transferred to an income statement account called “Cost of Completed Gigs (CCG).” Following is cost information for April 2012:

From Beginning GIP Incurred in April Band Materials Labor Materials Labor Irok $570 $750 $110 $200 Freke Out 700 550 140 100 Bottom Rung 250 475 310 250 Dish Towel 540 450 Rail Ride 225 250

As of April 1, there were three gigs in progress: Irok, Freke Out, and Bottom Rung. The gigs for Dish Towel and Rail Ride were started during April. The gigs for Freke Out and Dish Towel were completed during April.


1. Calculate GIP at the end of April.

2. Calculate CCG for April.

3. Calculate under/ overallocated overhead at the end of April.

4. Calculate the ending balances in GIP and CCG if the under/ overallocated overhead amount is as follows:

a. Written off to CCG

b. Prorated based on the overhead allocated in April in the ending balances of GIP and CCG (before proration)

5. Which method would you choose? Explain. Would your choice depend on whether overhead cost is underallocated or overallocated? Explain.

Balance Sheet
Balance sheet is a statement of the financial position of a business that list all the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity and shareholder’s equity at a particular point of time. A balance sheet is also called as a “statement of financial...
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