1. What advantages do business buyers such as the Higginses

1. What advantages do business buyers such as the Higginses gain over starting a business “from scratch?” What disadvantages do they typically encounter?

2. What steps do you recommend the Higginses take to conduct their due diligence on Seabreeze Property Services concerning their seller’s motivation, asset valuation, legal issues, and the company’s financial condition? Do you spot any “red flags” about this potential deal?

3. Explain the various methods that the Higginses can use to determine a reasonable value for Seabreeze Property Services.

4. In addition to investing their own money and tapping the capital of family members and friends, what other sources of capital should the Higginses explore if they decide to purchase Seabreeze Properties?

5. What advice can you offer the Higginses about negotiating a deal with the Kellys to purchase Seabreeze Property Services?


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