Match each of the key terms above with the definition that best fits it. Behavior ____A part


Match each of the key terms above with the definition that best fits it.


____A part object that belongs to only one whole object and that lives and dies with the whole.

____A part-of relationship between a component object and an aggregate object.

____The same operation may apply to two or more classes in different ways.

____The implementation of an operation.
____Defines the form or protocol of the operation, but not its implementation.

____An attribute of a class that specifies a value common to an entire class, rather than a specific value for an instance.

____A class that can have direct instances.

____A class that has no direct instances but whose descendants may have direct instances.

____An association that has attributes or operations of its own or that participates in relationships with other classes.

____Indicates how many objects participate in a given relationship.

____The end of an association where it connects to a class.

____A relationship among instances of object classes.

____An operation that applies to a class rather than an object instance.

____An operation that alters the state of an object.

____An operation that accesses the state of an object but does not alter the state.

____An operation that creates a new instance of a class.

____The technique of hiding the internal implementation details of an object from its external view.

____A function or a service that is provided by all the instances of a class.

____A diagram that shows the static structure of an object-oriented model.

____A logical grouping of objects that have the same (or similar) attributes and behaviors (methods).

____Represents how an object acts and reacts.

____Encompasses an object’s properties (attributes and relationships) and the values those properties have.

____An entity that has a well-defined role in the application domain and has state, behavior, and identity characteristics.

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